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Of course we often checked the phrase 'site aanmelden bij Google' (Dutch for 'submit site to Google' and often ended up with the same results.

Some high ranking sites for the Dutch phrase:

  • A site named after a Dutch first name. We're still wondering who the 'Jeroen' is who started this site. We did ask it today through the form on the site.
  • ('homepage=-maken' means something like 'make your own homepage' is a site that also ranks high with 'site aanmelden bij google'. Interesting site with lots of information, but of course only in Dutch. The Google translator may help and it might also have interesting content when translated.
  • is a site that also ranks high with 'website aanmelden bij google'. "karelgeenen" sounds like 'Karel Geenen", also a Dutch sounding name.
  • Nooit eerder bekeken en in termen van zoekmachine optimalisatie zo te zien een concurrent.

And of course no idea if we damage the ranking of our own SEO project site by putting these links.

High ranking English sites

Please find below some high ranking English sites that are related to the term 'submit site to Google'.

  • Submit Site to Google. No idea what effect the adding of the exact title as our own project page would have. Might be positive, might be negative. They seem to have some interesting offers for the interested like 1,000 backlinks for USD 9.99. No clue what 1,000 cheap backlinks would mean though, but in our experience in general any link helps.

Sites we want to promote

Please find below sites we want to promote:

And currently the page paddle boarding.

Other SEO related sites

Again, no clue if we are actually promoting the competition or helping ourselves. However, the title sounds like there are interesting things there, so they are useful sites anyhow:

  • Free SEO Tools. No real competition to our SEO project site an probably useful information. At first site it looks there are a lot of interesting links there. We did not check out the tools (yet).
  • Web Directories
  • Also a bit competitive with one of our other sites, but it is related to higher in Google so belongs here.


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