Philippine water

The Philippines is a country of islands, so of course with lots of water. And what is better than going around with a party boat on holiday in Siargao.

Submit site to Google and water

Child in waterSo while creating this page I am pondering a lot about what I am doing here, what we are doing here, the people helping businesses with their presence on the internet. And I'm starting to doubt what I'm doing here, what all these SEO companies are doing here.

Because the main reason for this page is that I want to promote this site on the internet, the site Submit site to Google. And the main reason I do that is because I want to promote my business. And my business is basically about helping people make their life easier, as I guess that's in the end what any business is about.

So am I helping people, helping anyone by making this page? Well, that's what I am pondering now, as I'm not sure, I'm not sure anymore.

So yes, I want to promote the site of my customer TwinOxide. And by adding content here I can do so, by e.g. just adding a link water disinfection. It's that simple.

And I want to make a second page water disinfection, a second page in this site. So that's what I will do later.

But what am I doing here. what am I doing actually? Am I doing something that makes life easier for someone. Well, maybe in a way yes, but I'm starting to doubt if this is the way how it should be done.

Water disinfection

So still working on improving the results for our customer TwinOxide®, but that seems virtually impossible since a Google update around two years ago or so. And it is kind of unfair, as my customer is a renowned producer of a two component powder chlorine dioxide delivery system. And somehow Google is forcing companies like TwinOxide® to use advertising only for their internet marketing.

And yes, I still believe in link building through article writing and persistence, but sometimes I feel like stupid continuing with this looking at the results. But I also know Google ranking strategies change and the recent doesn't seem to produce proper results for companies like TwinOxide Internetional b.v., so I guess their site will go up in the ranking one day. But while checking today not yet.

Water and soil treatment

So I have this second customer who has a product for water and soil treatment. And I did a lot of Search Engine Optimization for him. And I did my best, the best I could. And I tried to do it as efficient and budget friendly as I could. And yes, I was in doubt whether he should continue as the whole thing did't really turn out to create new customers for him.

Water and soil treatment.So he was not happy and when I sent him the invoice he was even less happy. So we made a deal as I wanted to keep him as a customer. But I was not happy as I hadn't made any profit on that deal. So I stopped. And a few weeks ago I got an e-mail from him, complaining that his site couldn't be found on a certain phrase related to his business.

And he kind of implicitly asked me what he should do. And I replied that I didn't know what to answer as he hadn't been happy with my service before. And he replied that he had been happy, but that he just didn't like what I had done to the site and that it had been too expensive.

So then I didn't really know what to reply anymore as I had done my best before and even lost money on it. And now he's complaining that his site cannot be found anymore. Well, what do you expect in 2013?

But somehow I agree with him. Because the internet is not about finding what you are looking for. But maybe it has never been that way. And don't get me wrong, Google policy makers and engineers are doing a good job. And I'm quite sure it's the same with other search engines. But being found seems to be only about money now, marketing money, a lot of money. So it seems the big and old sites and companies have the benefit. But maybe it has always been that way.

The Waters

And then we have this third water related project. And that is not so much about 'being found', but just about making profit by selling the domain thewaters.com. And that's also business, about earning from something.

And sorry, it seems that I'm starting to complain. But that's also logical as I just want to build websites and web applications to make life easier for other people. And yes, have fun with it as I just like to do that. And yes, I also kind of like what I'm doing here, with this page. But I'm not sure if I'm really helping someone by creating this page.

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