Vintage Converse


Somehow I decided to react on some post in a forum and it was a post related to the site Vintage Chucks.

Actually I had no idea what the site was about, but it was about selling through the internet and thiings like internet marketing and SEO are of my interest.

So I reacted to the post, of course also to see if I could get some business out of it, and got a reply from Ilse, the person who owns the site.

Slowly I realized what it was all about: selling old, well nicer word of course is vintage, Converse sports shoes.

'Vintage chucks' generates some traffic, even more than I expected for a new site like Vintage Chucks. As Ilse had the question if 'vintage converse' would be an option I doubted, but let's see and that's why I made this page.


So what is Converse all about? And why collect vintage Converse? No real clue, but I'll research a bit and will write more here later.

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