What is v-s-d-j-h-v-f-w-d-h-r-b

Well, I was amazed finding "v-s-d-j-h-v-f-w-d-h-r-b" without the dashes in the keywords of the homepage on this site. And then I remembered there was some other weird non-existing words that someone put in the keywords in order to see if Google would take the keywords into account. So quite some time I put this word v-s-d-j-h-v-f-w-d-h-r-b without the dashes in the keywords of the homepages of this site.

Why now v-s-d-j-h-v-f-w-d-h-r-b

So why now v-s-d-j-h-v-f-w-d-h-r-b and not the real thing? Well, I just want to keep the experiment somehow alive, so we'll only put the real words in the keywords of this site and not in the content.

Some results

It is funny what happened with my v-s-d-j-h-v-f-w-d-h-r-b without the dashes. I'll tell about it more later, but for now I have some results:

What next

So what's next? Well, I think of putting some link somewhere with an anchortext with this word. Maybe to this page. Yes, let's do that. Just see the homepage of this site. And I know Google does something with dashes, so all kinds of things could happen now.

And it's now September 16, 2013 and Google does find this page with the keyword v-s-d-j-h-v-f-w-d-h-r-b. It seems that Google just removes the dashes and checks for the word without the dashes. Would it do so for anything with a dash?

More funny things

Some more funny or remarkable things as somehow my site Inspiration for Success scores very high on things related to Jason Statham the actor and it's movies.

So of course the above sentence is intended to emphasize that a bit more. Funny, how the internet works, or how I think, looking at results and using them sometimes. But that's just me, having fun with this.

And just checking and this page is highest now in Google with the famous non-existing word that is in the keywords of this page or site or something only supposedly.

Globe Telecom

Well, we'll add another weird link here: http://toolbar.mywebacceleration.com/globe/faketoolbar.html.

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