Wordpress and SEO

We never really understood why many companies are converting their websites to the Wordpress platform as to us professional websites are, well, professional websites. And we believe it is not easy to build a professional website if you don't have a lot of experience with building websites (and everything around internet and websites).

In our experience most of the time spent on a website is not the design or the technical (html) stuff, but it's just about, yes, content. The text of the website and then we mean the text you see and the text you don't see.

Anyhow, the initial reason for creating this page was to promote our SEO Simple Wordpress plugin. So that's what we put first, the link in the previous sentence.

And to us the most important parts of a website are still the title tag and the meta description tag, especially the ones on the homepage, but basically on all pages. And as these are so important we think they should be thought about thoroughly and put manually. So that's also what our SEO Simple Wordpress plugin is all about.

More about this later.

People ranking

Well, I was searching for Robin Brunold and saw he is ranking quite high with the project Inspiration for Success. Let's see if we can boost that a bit with the link in this paragraph. And that site is a Wordpress site, so this would be the right place for now for that link. Although that site uses the IFS SEO plugin and is not standard Wordpress.

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