Russian Search Engine Optimization


Well, we have two customers with Russian sites, so it's time to do something Russian here. And the first customer is V-Logistics with the Russian logistics website on

But this was not the reason to create another page, some text in this site. The main reason was the internet marketing we are doing for Smaal Zwitserland. And we found that the site does not show up at all in Russia with expected Russian search phrases. So that's what we want to put here.

Smaal Zwitserland

So it's all about houses in Switzerland. And of course we will need a Russian link, although it's a bit tricky in an English page like this. But let's see for 'buy house in Switzerland' in Russian: Купить дом в Швейцарии.

And there are some hidden pages from the past in that site, so also put a Russian translation on buy a holiday home in Switzerland.

Russian page

And again, for search engine optimization for some of our customers sites and for analysis purposes we decided to put a page in Russian now on this site: Russian Search Engine Optimization.

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