Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO

There have been written many articles about SEO or about 'What is Search Engine Optimization', so why another article, or even another site like this site.

Well, we are trying to promote our services and at the same time we are trying to support other sites. And in 'search engine optimization' that meanst something like 'content' and 'links'. So the only purpose of this site is to provide content and links, although of course we also try to put some useful information for you.

Search engines

We all use them, but do we know what they are actually doing? Well, no need to duplicate content here about them, as there is already a very good page about search engines.


Well, the internet is about information, sharing information, finding information. And the type of information on the internet in general (or always?) is text, and with content in internet terms, in search engine optimization terms we mean text. And not just text, but preferably unique text, manually written text.

So that's what we do here, just write text, and the main reason for the text it to make search engines believe that this is a serious site. And in a way it is as we want to teach you about internet marketing and search engine optimization, but partly it isn't as we just want Google to find this site and this page on specific keywords.


The next thing is links, and links are basically the origin of Google and the basic Google search engine algorithm. It all started with counting the number of 'inbound links' to a site as Google presumed that if a site has many links to it, meaning is refered to a lot of times, it must be an important site. And for 'site' you may also read 'page' as basically the internet consists of pages, not really of sites..

So here just a link to our page about Wordpress and SEO.

And a link to our Russian search engine optimization.

We like Degoo, so we made a page aanmelden bij Degoo. English page soon to follow. Maybe we should make similar pages in this site compared to the page aanmelden.

This site

Well, just added the page shopping to this site for some more content and ranking up some sites.

And another page about water, meaning something like 'anything water' as I want to optimize related to water.

Special projects

We have some SEO projects of our own for research and a bit of fun, but businesswise sometimes not that funny. For now Mallberry Suites Cagayan de Oro City.

And maybe also mention DBR Real Estate Broker.

And we just started for a new client and made some weird looking pages, starting with transport rusland as the original site is built with nice graphics but is from a search engine point of view just a one page site. And Google e.g. doesn't like that.

Our research projects

And as far as we remember everything started with the Mallberry Suites Accident as it may be called. You can read more on the site itself about this, but basically it was just a mistake, but that's where you learn from most, isn''t it? Mistakes.

Our most famous project though is still Site Aanmelden Bij Google, which by the way was also some kind of 'accident'. Also on this project you can read more on the site itself.

For your Philippine SEO research check our page pet shop Cagayan de Oro and recently we also added a page about German SEO.


And not a real research project yet, but one of our suppliers used sub domains to post articles. Not sure how effective that is in 2014 and beyond.

Wine in Cagayan de Oro City

Yesterday I was on a wine club members meeting in the wine shop in Cagayan de Oro City. So of course talking about marketing and sales I asked the owner if he had a website. And he confirmed he had, but he indicated that he left 'everything internet' to a friend of his, someone I also happen to know and who has been in the internet business for a long time, much longer than I have been. So of course I tried to sell my services, but of course the owner of the wine shop was not really interested as he thought he had everything covered.

As I'm not sure if my colleague is that much into internet marketing and search engine optimization of course I wanted to know how this site ranked and how it looked like and such. And imagine, I couldn't find in on search phrases like 'wine shop cagayan de oro city'. So let's see how we will go with our own page similar to our 'pet shop cagayan' page.


Well, sometimes we encounter something special or get some weird or funny link exchange request like this one: Steroids Online Shop. And mostly we don't put, but sometimes we do

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