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The origin and purpose of the site Submit Site to Google are about Inernet Marketing and SEO so of course we want to know, and you would want to know, how good we are doing with this site and related sites.

Postion in Google

Recently we didn't do any SEO on this site, so the position must be quite low. Anyhow, with the domain name and previous activities it should still be visible somewhere within the first fifteen pages of Google, so let's check now.

And the position on August 17, 2013 with the search phrase 'submit site to google' in an as neutral setting for Google as possible is: 7 (and oh, yes, no matter what SEO companies tell you 'the' position in Google doesn't exist, as Google takes many things into account like your location and whether you are logged in in Google or not. And we wouldn't know how they figure it always out, but they do know I'm in The Philippines, no matter what I do to try to hide that (technically).

And our previous activities still have some effect as the page is still on page 4 of Google with 'submit site to google', which is not bad. And please note, there are reasons why it is this url and this page. And we know a bit how and why. And we have one customer who is very worried about the url's we use, but with what we find our url's are technically ok towards Google, even though not that user friendly to people.

The position of this site with the search phrase 'submit site to google' is last position of page 4 with Firefox browser, not logged in, neutral setting (with /ncr) from The Philipines.

Remarks August 17, 2013

So the position of this site today is on page 7 which may sound and is quite low. But keep in mind that in our experience with a little effort you can increase the position of almost any site dramatically. So that's what we're going to do and the start is and was just creating some new content on this site, like a few days ago we have put a menu structure, today we added some pages and content here and there, moved the content of the homepage to the archive page and wrote some new conent here and there.

And please keep in mind, all those changes are on purpose and everything on this site, every word, every link, every title, every meta description, every phrase, every heading, everything is done with SEO in mind. And it's simple, simple but not easy. And for someone without knowing how to do, without being an expert, virtually impossible. So that's added value from SEO experts like me and John.

Remarks September 5, 2013

So the position today is last position is page 4 in Google, which is a much larger progress than I expected. In my mind last time I checked it was page five, but in the paragraph before I see it was page 7 around three weeks ago.

So not bad with a little effort like putting some content and as far as I remember a minimum number of additional links.

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