I met someone who had an idea to diminish waiting times with doctors in The Philippines. And I liked the idea as shortly before I met him I had to wait pretty long for an appointment with my doctor.

So we decided to go for it and build an appointment site for docters, name for now is "DoctorsConnect". And of course we found a similar site, named ZocDoc, but we think we can do better, or at least different.


So for now we are building and the site is on DoctorsConnect test site but we also installed it already on DoctorsConnect Philippines. And to promote one of the doctors who is interested we want to present to you Dr. Irene Petilla and a chiropractor in Cagayan de Oro City.

And we may start cooperating with the Hanapdokie to combine efforts to make the world a better place with medical records in one place.

Psychological support

I wanted to promote my page Desire Document and was looking for a place where to put it, e.g. in this site. And it is not really a medical page, but somehow related, as it helps you go ahead in life and deal with mental issues.


Not sure what to put here or how to put here, but I want to do something with Acifre, so that is why I need to write some content here, and probably add photos.


And no, I have no clue what I am promoting here, but as a friend said, "being too ethical does not pay the bills". And I want to emphasize the "too" here, as I normally know what I am putting, but in this case I don't really. However, I want to move, so for now it is okay. And I guess it won't harm anybody.

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