Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization

When people hear the phrase Internet Marketing they often associate this with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But of course internet marketing is something else than search engine optimization, although the two subjects are closely related.


Internet marketing of course starts with marketing. That's what many people often forget. And marketing is all about customer needs as you may know. And marketing starts with analysis and strategy: what do people want and what do we want to offer.


Our Smaal Switzerland project is becoming more and more interesting, especially related to Search Engine Optimization.

And I was considering where to put this text, my current findings, in this page or in the page Search Engine Optimization, but quickly decided it belongs here, as it is all about localized marketing and not really Search Engine Optimization.

So what is going on. Well, I found the phrase Suisse Romande when doing my analysis for the French version of the Belgian site and didn't know what Romande stands for. And by just Googling this I quickly found out it is the French speaking part of Switzerland. And that suddenly made me realize that of course for French speaking people that part of Switzerland would probably be the most interesting part of Switzerland to buy real estate. And this would also mean that it may be interesting from a marketing point of view to provide a selection on "Suisse Romande" in the French versions of the site. So that's why I wanted to write here, as I was looking to put some kind of link towards the French and Belgian versions of the Smaal sites for "Suisse Romande". But there is no page like that yet, so I guess I'll first create that.

So here we come for the French speaking population looking to buy a property in Switzerland: immobilier Suisse Romande pour les Belges and immobilier Suisse Romande pour les Français.

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