Five million dollar or dollars

Five million dollar

One of our sites scores high in the Google webter tools scores high with '5 million dollars' (90 searches per month as of the moment of writing) and '5 million dollar' (50 searches per month as of the moment of writing).

And that's kind of weird to me as I wouldn't expect that site to score very high on those phrases. And I'm a bit amazed that Google treats those phrases differently, but I notice that more often, that obviously the same phrases just spelled differently or with synonyms in them can produce fully different results.

And yes, of course I understand the challenges the Google engineers are facing continuously, especially as I look at the html code of my own sites that I try to keep very clean, let alone Wordpress sites or sites built by non-professionals using advanced frameworks.

So don't get me wrong, the Google engineers to a very good job, mostly, I guess in more than 95% of the caes filtering the important content from a page or a site from all the chaotic html that is being used to build websites and web pages.

And the reason for this page is very simple: I just want to promote the other site for the related phrases, so that's why I'm writing a page about those different ways of writing five million dollar. And not sure yet where or how to put the link and to what page.

Five million dollars

So a similar way of searching for 'five million dollar' is ' five million dollars'. But I guess people wouldn't really think about the difference and would search with any of the two phrases for the same thing: five million dollar. Or something how it looks likes, as I found searches like that too.

And not fully sure what to write in this paragraph further. Or maybe just put the image, but that can be done later.

5 million dollar

And human wise I would expect '5 million dollar' the same search as the 'five million dollar', but apparently it isn't. And I even found a reason why search results may be different for the two. As people writing '5' might have a different personality than people writing 'five' and Google may be able to distinguish what each of these groups are looking for and present a slightly different result.

The same applies to browsers as I noticed that Google presents different results based on the browser. And of course the browser being used would say something about the person using it, about the personality of the person. So yes, also for browsers or Operating Systems I can imagine that Google presents different search results based on their statistics what people are clicking on for example.

5 million dollars

And what I wrote in the previous paragraph may of course also be the case for people writing 'dollar' or 'dollars'. Or the search may just be different anyhow based on what people are clicking on or something.

But enough writing for now I guess and let's just put the link somewhere in this page, the link to the page, the site I wanted to promote. And add an image of course as that's what Google also likes and maybe you also.

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