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Malberry Suites

Well, we mostly have a reason to create an additional page like this and this time it was to promote our site Limketkai Hotel.

We don't really like domain trading, but it's part of life and in order to promote our internet marketing and search engine optimization of course we need some good samples. And the firs sample is the site Mallberry Suites Business Hotel. And there is a long story behind that site (and it doesn't look good), but it has a lot of traffic related to the hotel it is named after.

Or actually it's not named after the hotel, but just a misspelled name used as a domain name. Again, it's a long story and we're not proud of its beginnings, but over time we're also learning something like 'business is business'.

Luxe hotel

The before mentioned was kind of an accident, but owning the domains and is not. We decided to reserve those names when the Limketkai owners decided to build some new, very high, buildings in their area and decided to start a hotel in this building complex.

Recently we found out that the final name for the hotel would be Limketkai Luxe Hotel and we just found out that the domain name has been taken by, of course (or not?) the Limketkai company. Anyhow, our domains are a bit older, so they still have a chance to become high ranking sites, maybe even above the official site. Although the last would be hard in the end.

Anyhow, nice experiment how far we can get with Limketkai Luxe Hotel. We'll keep you informed.

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