Revamp this site

Well, I found a partner to help me make something useful about this site, so expect some good stuff here soon. It will probably be something like the best SEO site in the world.

It will be based on the combined knowledge of my partner and me. Some of our sites/texts/thoughts about SEO are:


Recently I have been working on achieving success and this resulted in inspiration for success.

And currently working on something Dutch: Horeca Makelaar.

Internet City of the World

This site is of course a perfect site related to Cagayan de Oro City.

And we want to promote a pet store in Cagayan de Oro City.

Internet Directory

It seems we forgot to put an important link to our internet directory.

Doorway pages

And yes, Google does 'punish' sites as we were informed through the Google Webmaster Tools that this site does not meet the Google Quality Guidelines.

We got that remark for this site and for the site site aanmelden bij Google and one other site that was kind of a domain we got stuck with and indeed used for a 'doorway page' type of activity.

The weird thing is that we kind of felt by Google itself to create this site and the site site aanmelden bij Google as they ranked our original page which had the 'official content' much lower than, indeed, a doorway page on our official company .nl site.

To be continued...

Water disinfection and other water cleaning

By chance two of our customers are into water cleaning, one is supplying products for water disinfection and the other is specialized in products for cleaning water bodies like lakes.

In order to give this site a bit more content and in order to help promote the sites of our clents here two links: lake water management and water disinfection.

Old content below...

So what to do now

Well, sometimes we're a bit quick with decisions, so that's how we ended up with this domain. Still not fully sure how Google would take the domain into account. Based on one of our domains we use for SEO research the domain counts very high, as there is a related site with no content that shows up very high. Hardly any competition though on these words as it is the name of a hotel.

For this site, '' of course we expect the competition to be quite high. SEO is Internet and SEO companies certainly would want to be related to 'submit-site-to-google' as that is what many people would search for when wanting to have internet exposure.

As of now we can't really figure out the ranking of our site as the Google webmaster tools take some time to gather and/or show relevant data. Searching in Google straight away did not give any results on the first pages. What we just did discovery is that our own site, which basically also is the site it's all about, is on page 4 on Google with the search words 'submit site to google'. Not bad. This page, the page you're reading right now, nowhere to be found yet though.

New insight

And suddenly we realized that the domain is very important in the Google ranking system, so we checked this domain name and found it was still available, similar to the Dutch domain.

Very anxious to know where this project goes as we even discovered that the English version (this one) was still available. And of course we need to put the link to our project site for the project this domain and page is part of.


We did not really realize when starting our 'site aanmelden bij google' project, but we could be in some kind of dilemma regarding the content of the various sites. Each site needs content and we would basically like to put useful content. However, we don't want the sites to compete as all focus is supposed to be on the page 'Site aanmelden bij Google'

We have the idea that multiple domains might be very useful. Next question to solve is how to point everything to our intended page.

What it is all about

Of course the only purpose of this domain and this page is the promotion of our company, which major focus is not even SEO, but more (web) application development.

Of course we hope that our submit site to google project results are interesting for you, even if you don't need our services.

Interesting sites

Just added a page about Vintage Converse. Never realize what people like collecting.

The sites we want to promote you can find on our interesting sites page.

And just a nice gesture to Nathan Simpson: his art site. Maybe not a properly designed website, but certainly valuable content.

Of course that needs to be a separate page, as this pages only purpose is to be found on something like 'submit website or url to Google' or 'submit site to Yahoo' or 'report website to Ask'.

Not easy

And not always easy to maintain the Dutch quality. We were so anxious to put this site online that this page held quite some errors. Hope we fixed all now. Ah, and don't forget to notice. We just put text and put text and put text to create content. Not really what Google intended as sites should be for users, but for this kind of auxiliary sites and pages it might work. So better check Active Discovery SEO research pages for the real thing.

Just add content

We had some trouble installing XP on our new Acer Aspire 4750Z. Solutions on installing Windows XP on Acer Aspire 4750Z.

And some unused domain we just put into use again: real estate in Cagayan de Oro City.

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