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Strangely enough there seemed to be no page related to hotels in this site. And we have quite some hotels related sites. So here it is: hotels page on Submit Site to Google.

The best in Internet Marketing and SEO

Well, Seth Godin has put something in my (Guus) mind and that is something that, especially businesswise, nothing is worthwhile doing if you are not The Best.

So that's what I'm kind of trying to do in all aspects of my life, in everything I do: be the best. So also with this site about Internet Marketing and SEO: be the best website on these subjects.

But not always easy, as right now we are kind of struggling with helping one of our customers promote his product, chlorine dioxide powder through the internet. And I guess we are not the only company providing internet marketing services that is struggling to help customers the last year or so. As Google has completely changed the market with the latest versions of their search algorithms.

Background on Submit Site to Google

Well, the background on this site, Submit Site to Google, is actually very simple. A business contact of mine indicated a few years ago hat the Dutch phrase Site aanmelden bij Google was relatively high in number of searches and had not much competition. So he thought it would be relatively easy to score on that phrase in Google and get customers from that for Search Engine Optimization. As I was still struggling finding customers for that and also learnin about it I started a project Submit Site to Google where I was trying to score high, prefereably on position number one with that Dutch phrase.

Me being me of course couldn't resist to also do the English stuff, so I also bought the domain which was the start of this site.

As Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is very time consuming, at least that's what I found out and still believe, I came quite far with the Dutch project, but didn't find the time to work a lot on the Enlish project. As I am recently discussing Internet Marketing with a friend of mine and doing some things together, I decided to rebuild this site and make it more professional. So that's why I'm writing here right now.

So let's see where this goes. And maybe just also like in the Dutch project before also keep some ranking for this site.

Currently promoting

Well, we started something medical. And also a page about rice.

Order Lechon online in Cagayan de Oro City.

The favorite Philippine dish: roasted pig.

Some weird assignment related to Chandler Ray Sollicitors. And as we have a new client related to law we decided to make a page on government and law.

Just added the page Five Million Dollars and I guess most people would be interested in that amount of money. So just check that out.

Well, this site is not so popular as of the moment of writing, but of course links from the homepage of any site, or at least a site that is being put some attention to, are worthwhile for promoting them.

Still working on internet marketing for TwinOxide®, but not easy. Read more on the page chlorine dioxide.

Advertise or get links on this site

If you want to advertise or get links on this site please send an e-mail to Guus or John.

And please note, we want to be the best on the internet and this site is just about SEO and doing business with it, so anything is possible, even a link on the top of this page if you want (and if you know what that means).


Some little experiment here: v-s-d-j-h-v-f-w-d-h-r-b.

En eens kijken wat een Nederlandse pagina nu doet in een Engelse site: vastgoed.

And another page we just created: internet for catering.

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